Australian Birth Defects Society

A Society devoted to the study of birth defects


Planning Pregnancy and Preventing Birth defects

Invited international speakers: John Graham, Bob Brent

Invited national speakers: Frank Nicholas, Carol Bower, Bill Webster, Sandra Lowe, Neil Hotham, Kris Barlow-Stewart, Jane Halliday, Leeanda Wilton, Debra Kennedy, Pam Palasanthiran

Tribute to Marsh Edwards

· The role of hyperthermia in human birth defects – John Graham

· Birth and other defects in animals : continuing in the footsteps of Marsh Edwards – Frank Nicholas

Tony Lipson Lecture: The cause and prevention of Congenital Malformations – will we ever prevent this groups of diseases ? Bob Brent


New perspectives on old problems

· Alcohol

· Ionising radiation

· Dental care


Fetal consequences of maternal conditions

· Obesity and pregnancy

· Diabetes and diabetic embryopathy

· Folic acid

Policy and Practice

· Drugs in pregnancy and planning pregnancy

· Genetics Education

· Prenatal diagnosis and screening

· PGD and preventing birth defects

· PLaN