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Update on Drugs and other Teratogens

Invited international speakers: Ken Jones,  Bengt Danielsson, Lorian Hayes, Tina Chambers, John Graham

Invited national speakers: Elizabeth Sullivan,  David Tudehope, Bill Webster, Neil Hotham, Helen Ritchie, Paul Lancaster, Jane Halliday

Tribute to Marsh Edwards: Craniofacial deformation in human infants – John Graham


Tony Lipson Lecture: Teratogenicity by hERG potassium channel blocking drug via embryonic arrhythmia and hypoxia-related mechanisms- Bengt Danielsson


Update on Drugs and Infections in Pregnancy

· Prescribing in pregnancy                                                   

· Use of teratogen information services in North America  

· Pregnancy and drug therapy: inadequacies of product information

· Counselling for alcohol in pregnancy

· Smoking and illicit drugs in pregnancy

· Complementary medicines in pregnancy

· New patterns of malformation in diabetic embryopathy

· Counselling about risks of fertility drugs and IVF

· Maternal age and birth defects in Victoria, 1983-2001

· Safety of medications to treat rheumatoid arthritis in pregnancy

· Teratogenicity of antiepileptic drugs

· Genetic counselling for oculo-auricular-vertebral sequence

· Pregnancy outcome among women who have asthma