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Update on Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation

Invited international speakers: Lewis Holmes, Tina Chambers

Invited national speakers:Les Sheffield, Carol Bower, Terry O’Brien, Marsh Edwards, Debbie Kennedy, Bill Webster, Helen Ritchie

Tony Lipson Lecture: Identification of human teratogens: principles and experiences—Dr Lewis Holmes


Marsh Edwards Lecture: Strengths and weaknesses of teratogen information service studies in evaluating human teratogenicity—Dr Tina Chambers


Update on Drugs and Infections in Pregnancy

· Initial experience of MotherSafe­the NSW Statewide Medications in Pregnancy and Lactation Advisory Service

· High body temperature during pregnancy; how high is too high and how long is too long?

· Maternal fever and pregnancy outcome

· Vitamins in pregnancy

· CVS as a cause of malformations: issues and arguments

· Hypoxia as a cause of cleft lip Human evidence of herbal safety in pregnancy

· Management of epilepsy in pregnancy

· Teratogenicity of anticonvulsants     

· Antidepressants in pregnancy