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Update on Drugs and Infections in Pregnancy

Invited international speakers: Dr Elisabeth Robert, Anne Pastuszak

Invited national speakers: Dr Barry Borman, Dr Carol Bower, Dr Dominic Dwyer, Dr Sandra Lowe, A/Prof Bill Webster, Dr Stephen Steigrad, Dr Debbie Kennedy

Tribute to Assoc. Prof. David Walsh


Tribute to Marsh Edwards: How to reconcile safe fetal development and maternal needs—Anne Pstuszak


Tony Lipson Lecture: Reproductive risk evaluation from clinical and public health perspectives—Elisabeth Robert


· Drugs in pregnancy-information sources

· Controversies in medications for nausea and vomiting

· Anticonvulsants

· Herbal remedies

Medical conditions in pregnancy

· Viral infections in pregnancy

· Diabetes

· Antidepressants

· Anti-cancer

· Male-mediated birth defects

· Fertility drugs

· Compliance in using folic acid to prevent neural tube defects

· Illicit drugs, substance abuse

Travelling in pregnancy

· Infections

· Drugs

· Vaccines

· Prescribing in pregnancy