Australian Birth Defects Society

A Society devoted to the study of birth defects

About Us

The Australian Birth Defects Society was formed in 1983 by a group of professionals interested in the causes and prevention of birth defects.

The objectives of the Society are to stimulate scientific interest, and promote the exchange of ideas and information on abnormal and normal biological development at a fundamental and clinical level.


Members include Scientists, Veterinarians, Paediatricians, Geneticists, Pathologists, Obstetricians, Epidemiologists, Pharmacists, Nurses and other professionals.


Up to two thirds of all conceptions develop abnormally, most being spontaneously aborted. Between 2 and 3% of live born babies have a severe birth defect.


Birth defects not only inflict suffering on the affected and their families but also impose an enormous economic burden on the community. Members of the Australian Birth Defects Society look forward to a tirne when a better understanding of the causes of congenital malformations will result in prevention. .


The Australian Birth Defects Society is incorporated in the State of New South Wales, but ,membership is Australia wide. Along with its American, Japanese and European counterparts, it is a member of the International Federation of Teratology Societies.

The Society seeks support for its activities by individual membership and corporate, institutional and governmental sponsorship.


Current committee (2017)

President: Dr Debra Kennedy

Vice-President: Ms Delwyn Cupitt

Website manager: Dr Helen Ritchie

Secretary: Dr Diana Oakes

Treasurer: Deb Redelman

Vic representative: Dr Ron Batagol

WA representative: vacant

SA representative: Neil Hotham