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The cost of clean: Disinfectants cause birth defects in baby mice

Environmental Health News June 15, 2017.

Reporting a recent article in Birth Defects Research, this article reports an experiment in mice that observed an increase in neural tube defects from ambient as well as oral exposure to quaternary ammonium compounds that persisted for 2 generations. Interestingly, male exposure alone could cause the increase in defects.


Chemical in macaroni and cheese tied to birth defects, says study.  Fox News July 15, 2017.

This report harks back to earlier studies linking phthalate exposure to hypospadias in boys.  Phthalates were found in all 29/30  tested cheese products.  No mention of concertation or dose was mentioned.


Vitamin in Vegemite could cure birth defects. Sky News August 10, 2017.

A slightly overblown account of interesting recent study from the Victor Change Institute which showed that mice with a genetic mutation resulting in NAD deficiency have malformations. Supplementation with vitamin B3 (found in Vegemite), reduced the number of malformations.



Quick round-up of new related items that have appeared in newspapers and magazines.

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Will a vegetarian diet during pregnancy drive your child to drugs and drink? STAT October 5, 2017.

A well balanced article questioning the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children finding that children of women who ate little of no meat while pregnancy were more likely to abuse alcohol at age 15.


Mothers-to-be should eat organic, claim scientists: Cancer-causing compounds in pesticides can cross the placenta and increase the risk of brain tumours. Daily Mail October 5, 2017.

Based on phone interviews, the authors concluded that exposure to pesticides in pregnancy increased the risk of developing brain tumours by 1.4.